Sega Rallywriter

European viral and digital campaign for Sega Rally featuring a series of videos where Rally cars grind their way into famous European landmarks. Together with the talented people at OutsideLine, I animated and rendered the actual in-game car models from SEGA, ripping up famous locations throughout Europe. This project involved extensive camera tracking to match the handheld video recordings as well as my custom built 3d car-rig.

Geek Facts:
The cars provided by SEGA were the actual in-game models. Using the provided textures, I created new Mental Ray shaders so I could have nice car metal reflections. The rig is very simple – the front wheels are aiming at a look-at target in front of the car. The car is then animated along a path and since the look at target is always a way ahead, it will force the front tires to turn at the right moment.

The mud is created by four particle generators placed under each wheel. They spray out backwards and then settle on a fake, invisible ground plane.

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