Youth Olympic Games 2010

How do we help SingTel rally a whole nation to embrace the first ever Youth Olympic Games?

We invite all Singaporeans to dream big.

In 2010 Singapore hosted the first ever Youth Olympic Games and SingTel was the title sponsor. This was a great opportunity to elevate SingTel’s brand far beyond being just a telco.

The idea was simple – Dare to Dream Big.

Under this concept we created a full 360 campaign to capture the aspirations of youth in Singapore. We centered it around what is known in Singapore as the Kallang Wave (mysteriously similar to a Mexican wave).

On the web page we also gathered the favorite athletes from the Singaporean teams and created video blogs about their passions and the driving forces behind their commitment.

With the school engagement program we took the athletes to meet the school kids and also gave them a chance to record their waves of support right there on the spot.

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