SingTel Facebook strategy

Like many big corporations these days, being popular on Facebook suddenly became a top priority.

As the digital agency of Record, OgilvyOne Singapore spearheaded the social media strategy and consolidated their use of Facebook. This was a crucial part in delivering the promise of the new brand – an inclusive, not one-way shouting brand.

Through a series of campaign engagements, most notably the Lady Gaga contest, we increased SingTel’s Likes starting from around 8000 to over 100 000 likes in less than a year.

It’s not just about Likes though. The true work came through in helping SingTel build a dedicated internal team to handle and actively drive social media engagement, deflecting complaints off the wall to customer service, driving to purchase, special offers and rewarding social interaction.

We co-created their Social Media guidelines, which includes tone of voice, rules of engagement and how even big brands need to reply to own up online.

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