The AmazApp

TVC and print is an old-school, painful one-way communication and expensive and tough to maintain. We need to be fast, nimble and dynamic with our campaigns and be able to react to trends and opportunities. We needed a marketing platform that allows for true, relevant user interaction, personalized for each of our customers.

So we created AmazApp – a smart phone application for IOS and Android devices. We have an always-on connection directly into the pockets of our customers. A non-intrusive digital marketing platform that listens as well as delivers joyful experiences.

It’s your personalized SingTel experience.

Using QR code and image recognition scanning the app activates interactive experiences through any medium – be it online, in print, outdoor or even on TV. Participation is rewarded through a badge system, which also allows for offline redemptions and easy to deploy contest mechanics.

The app is a conduit for experiences, built with generic features such as location-based check-ins, code scanning and badge system to allow any type of outdoor campaign, customized print ad experiences and even amplifying your TV viewing experience – all from one central point.

On top of that, we created a completely unique app experience.

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