The New Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons

This was a true boys dream project. Space ships, cars and hot CG babes flying fighter jets.

Back in 2003, I worked as a modeler/rigger and also as a Renderman renderer creating prman shaders and lighting scenes for Passion Pictures/Double Negative production of the New Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons animated TV series. It was aired for the first time in 2005 in the UK on ITV.

I modeled and rigged key assets for the show including the White Falcon Interceptor fighter jet, the Druznyik russian mega tank as well as big sets including a salt mine complex, interiors for the mars lander vehicle and the american diner.

Bandai made toys out of the stuff I modeled. Go to Amazon and buy!

Geek Facts:
I had never used Maya before when I was hired for this job.

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